Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Welcome to the party.

The impetus behind this modest blog is my burning desire to stop "progressive" bloggers from uncritically disseminating the views of one Andrew Sullivan. Bringing positive attention to this fraud only serves to legitimize him. This must end now.

Why so angry Anacher? I’m glad you asked. Andrew Sullivan is an opportunistic hack. A weather vane if you will. I freely admit that Sully is a gifted writer and upon occasion makes a cogent point or two. His ability to tap into the zeitgeist of whichever side he's taken on any issue is impressive.

Unfortunately, Andrew Sullivan is not to be trusted. For starters, he sinned too long in the service of the neocons and retrocons. In spite his partial public repentance, Sully remains permanently damaged. I cannot and will not accept his supposed mental makeover. It’s too convenient how his “changed“ position has largely allowed him to avoid bearing responsibility for so enthusiastically beating his Iraq war drum. $100 says that under the right circumstances Sully would flip-flop rejoining the other side so fast he’d throw his back out. Make that double-or-nothing.

That's the least of it. It has been ignored how the biggest ramification of Andrew Sullivan’s “conversion” is also the most beneficial. Let’s be honest. The Right was never going to embrace a gay conservative blogger. He was an oddity -- a freak. (Not that there's anything wrong with that). Suddenly Sully is perceived to be far more "relevant" than previous. This transformation has conveniently made him a hot commodity:

Tada! It’s the new improved Sully! Now with Progressiverol (TM). He’s not too far left… He’s not too far right… He’s juuuuuuust right!
His installation at Time magazine alone proves how eminently more marketable Andrew Sullivan’s carefully crafted “new” image is.

After this greatly hyped ideological “Presto! Change-O!,” the vast majority of progressive bloggers have fallen all over themselves to haul out the welcome wagon. Sure Atrios, Ezra Klein and a scant few others direct consistent criticism towards Sully (tempered by their occasional “Atta boy” and a pat on the back). But what’s with the rest of the crowd?

Their compliant response is a fascinating psychological phenomenon. Exactly as the freepers need to believe in the false neocon/retrocontm mythology, the lefty blogosphere desperately wants to swallow Andrew Sullivan’s cock-and-bull story of how a conservative HIV-Positive out gay man renounces his years of gushing support for the most corrupt administration in this nation’s history. Hey, if Sully admits that we were sorta right all along then we really must be right. Right?

Even more disturbing than his intellectual dishonesty, Andrew Sullivan is a barefaced liar. Sully frequently misrepresents himself as an American citizen. As recently as last week appearing on Real Time with Bill Maher Andrew Sullivan claimed, that though he had "voted for Bush in 2000," he could not bring himself to do so in 2004. Damn straight he couldn’t again “vote” for his former crush George W. Bush. Sully can’t even “vote” in a local school board election. He’s not a United States citizen!

This is no small matter considering the column inches Andrew Sullivan has dedicated to whomever he has purported to have "voted" for in our elections. A writer's credibility begins and ends with his or her integrity. In this respect Sully is sorely lacking. Integrity cannot coexist with falsehood and manipulation.

Andrew Sullivan is a Fraud will not be a one-trick pony. I'll be sure to examine other topics for your perusal and entertainment.

Stay tuned...