Sunday, June 8, 2008

McCain's Budget Guru Tells A Whopper

Douglas Holtz-Eakin says McCain "will bring the budget to balance by the end of his first term.” Not bloody likely. Remember, this is the guy who earlier this year was fucking silly enough to admit to The Wall Street Journal(!) that he "doesn't really understand economics." It's why Johnny's concern for and attention to our nation's faltering economic seems to change with the wind. Think Progress has a time line of McCain's recent ever-changing economic moods here.

It'll be interesting to watch McCain, a guy who's proved he couldn’t pass high school economics, and his gang of lobbyists explain to voters how they are ever going to balance the budget when we have record deficits, no one knows how much is left in the treasury, no one knows how much the Bush’s wars have already cost and no one knows how much the wars will continue to cost? McCain's promised tax cuts too. Oh, and he plans to keep US troops in Iraq for 100 years too! That's right. All Republicans believe tax cuts and wars pay for themselves.