Thursday, February 28, 2008

On The Road

I'll try to post whenever possible. In the meantime, there's always music.

I tend to get hung up on specific songs. Really hung up on certain songs. Sometimes it's for days or weeks. Sometimes it's for decades. "Temptation" is one of my "decades" tunes. I recently ran across my original 7" while going through my old vinyl.

I had quite the Love/Hate relationship with New Order. Love their music. Absolutely hated their live show. I had a serious case of bias based on my initial experience.

My first, and nearly last, New Order "concert" was the infamous August 2, 1985 gig at Boston's Opera House. It the band came on-stage over an hour late. New Order played 10 mostly obscure songs* -- not just refusing requests shouted out between songs but also taunting the audience too i.e. "We're not gonna play that one". Bernard went so far as to blow his nose into his mic repeatedly during "Everything's Gone Green."

The sound was awful. The "hits" nearly unrecognizable. No "Love Vigilantes." No "Your Silent Face." No "Dreams Never End." No "Confusion." No "Temptation." No encores. The band couldn't have cared less.

I left as the crowd began their riot. In '85, $18 was an exorbitant price to pay for such abuse. A decade later I worked with a surprisingly charming Peter Hook who was genuinely ashamed and appalled when reminded of this incident. (Apparently the New Order Opera House show had interrupted a bit of a band drug binge). In my experience, Hooky's shows with Monaco were professional affairs. A few nights bordered on the sublime.

A stellar studio group and consummate singles act, New Order should be forgiven for their past on-stage sins. (I know I would line up for a reunion gig). "Temptation" was their first great A-side. This "Temptation" has New Order live at the Beeb's Radio One.

Nice shorts Barney!


*New Order Opera House Boston, MA-- August 2, 1985 set list:
The Perfect Kiss
Sooner Than You Think
Everything's Gone Green
As It Is When It Was (obscurity with a version available on Retro)
Leave Me Alone
Thieves Like Us
Weirdo (early pre-Brotherhood version)
Face Up
Age Of Consent
Blue Monday


J. R. said...

I take adderall and those are almost exactly all the same songs I love by them when i'm on it, I think they are big speed heads, which is why i stumbled across them. I realized that my prescription parelled their addiction which is why I like them so much. "Temptation" is one song I can't get sick off, its like impossible, i've been listening it to it for like 4 years straight probably at least once a week or when I work out. Good Article!


Anacher Forester said...

Thanks J.R.,
Funny, I'm currently taking Adderall too (along with boat load of other crap to feel half way normal). Yes, New Order were partial to, how shall we say, stimulants.

Stay tuned for more "Uncle Anacher's Punk Rock Tales." I just have to come up with ones that aren't too incriminating for all involved myself included.