Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Now big John really has something to cry about...

GOP fund raising has stalled big time.
Politico (via Raw): Boehner tells GOP to get off 'dead asses'. This could be due to:

  1. The nosediving economy
  2. The lack of appealing Republican candidates
  3. The Republicans' initiation of and continued support of an unjust & unpopular war
  4. Republican obstructionism in Congress and by The White House.
  5. A Republican President and VP who rank among the worst ever.
  6. Staggeringly obvious Republican hypocrisy
  7. Citizen disgust with Republican contempt for The Constitution.
  8. Insert your fave beef here _____.
Maybe people are plain tired of giving money to Republican legislators who do not serve the public and whose party is rotten to the core. What do their campaign contributions pay for anyway? That's a very good question. C&L's Steve Benen summarizes the dangers inherent in the National Republican Congressional Committee's fast & loose financial practices: And wouldn’t you know it, the lack of oversight led to abuse — and apparent felonies. More deets at Politico.