Thursday, October 23, 2008

Years Ago I Said to Mrs. Forester

The only possible way the colossally stupid US embargo of Cuba would end is if Cuba found oil. I was kidding. Yet find it they did.

Now if that's the means to end this ugly chapter in US-Cuban relations so be it. The fact that cons, neo-cons and pissed-off Cuban ex-pats have continued pursuing this policy of vengeance is shameful.

Yes, the ex-pats have a legitimate beef. But what's the point of seeking payback in a way that harms not the powers that created and maintained the "Socialist Republic" but instead hurts the the sick and the needy most? That's not very American to me.

Enough already. With or without Cuban oil, the US needs to cut this shit out. Had we had killed this idiotic embargo years ago, we'd be far better off. Now the US sure could sure use a friendlier face 100 miles to our south -- especially if that face sits atop 10 billion barrels of crude.

Either we end the embargo or start invasion prep tout de suite.