Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Colbert Report Smarmfest

Last nite Andrew Sullivan was Stephen Colbert's guest. He went all out liberally dropping his calculated pre-scripted cheesey applause lines. Great to see Stephen nail Sully for being a Brit with the audacity to tell US how to vote.

As usual our namesake weather vane talks war. Atrios observes:

I don't read Andrew Sullivan very much so I'm not really aware of exactly how he's marched himself back from the days when he informed the Iraqi people, "You're welcome," but he just told Colbert that "invading countries without good reason" was not conservative. And in Andrew's world, conservative=good.
Sully has the memory of an NFL cornerback in that he has an innate ability to forget all of his worst plays. I seem to remember a time when Andrew Sullivan was one of the loudest beating the Iraq War drums.