Sunday, March 1, 2009

Randy Bewley R.I.P

PYLON - "Feast on My Heart"

Pylon guitarist Randy Bewley died of a heart attack last week.* He was 54. Randy's playing style was of the singular kind only art students with no formal training develop. Angular. Jagged. Slashing. (See: Wire's Colin Newman & Gang of Four's Andy Gill both Bewley contemporaries ).

Way back in the Dark Ages, rock music was destroyed and built back up again for the 2nd time in about three years. A slew of brilliant music was created at an incredible pace. And at that time there was a moment in time when no song better was than "Feast On My Heart." This sucker positively jumped out of the radio at you.

*I meant to blog about it Friday but I was still in deep in the throes of my Zanaflex holiday.