Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Wanna Riot of My Own

The only band that matters' performs their debut single,"White Riot", at the 1978 Rock Against Racism* concert, Victoria Park. Rude Boy was a bit crap but it did have brilliant Clash footage. When it first played the art houses, I was in high school/college.** I vividly remember my teenage girlfriend freaking out a bit at the bathroom bj scene which was not very graphic by today's standards. It's funny. In comparison to the teens of today, time and space have somehow made my punk rock youth look positively Victorian.

Rude Boy was finally released here on DVD about a year ago.


*"Rock Against Racism" conjures up fond memories of the long defunct WBCN/Boston Sunday morning radio of the same name. It featured everything from punk, reggae and the blues. The host's patter i.e. dubbing Peter Tosh the "right reverend of reggae" was a lodestar. Now if I could only remember his friggin' name!

**Long story. I split high school halfway thru my senior year. A neat trick if you can pull it
off. I highly recommend it.

++3/17/08 Update & FYI: Just so there's no misunderstanding... Joe Strummer's lyrics are a pledge solidarity with London's black community after he and his band mate Paul Simonon got caught up in 1976's Notting Hill Carnival riot.