Saturday, March 29, 2008

Will Rove Get Popped For Gov. Siegelman Persecution Prosecution?

TPM has the rundown in Siegelman: Rove's Fingerprints "Are Smeared All over The Case"

A couple of TPM commenters raised the question $64,000 question: Will Bush pardon Rove?

For Rove to get a post-conviction Bush pardon, the current DOJ would have to act with unnatural speed to bring Karl to trial. Remember, it took almost fourteen months from Scooter Libby's indictment to his trial's start. As stupid as he may be, Bush would not dare put Rove on trial before the upcoming election. Even if for some reason Bush wanted to, Cheney wouldn't let him. By now I think both are too concerned for their “legacy” to purposely make any missteps before November.

Bush could pardon Rove before Rove was even charged. But there would be a tremendous outcry. The MSM is just starting to become aware of this story. This awareness is only going grow now that Siegelman is out and free to do interviews. Again this will not be addressed in any way until after the election.

Rove's best bet is for his formerly hated archenemy McCain to get elected. Why do you think the Rovester has been advising the guy he tried to destroy with his infamous SC push polling?


+ For some additional perspective on the Siegelman case consider this: It took the Alabama courts' and DOJ almost 9 months to let Siegelman (D) out pending his appeal. Even though the charges against him were far more serious, Brent Wilkes (R) spent just 5 weeks in jail before being sprung pending appeal.