Monday, March 17, 2008

What Kos Tells Us

If I have this right, Kos tells us that Barack Obama is Abraham Lincoln to Hillary Clinton's
Stephen A. Douglas. The Democratic Party stands in for the 38 states in turmoil. And me? I'm Mark Twain. Natch.

This has been an edition of What Kos Tells Us.



Doug said...

It's endlessly entertaining to me that bloggers of diminutive reputation attack the "big boys" like Kos, by trying to paint them as authoritarians, or something of that nature.

"What Kos tells us?" Kos runs a site where over 150,000 average people get to talk at, and to each olther about politics and current events. People there are free to argue with Kos, rail against Kos, call Kos names, etc. He is no authoritarian. He doesn't give a rat's ass what YOU or I think of him OR his opinions. In other words, he's a mature adult.

This has been another edition of "Teach a Lame Blogger the Truth About Kos."

Anacher Forester said...

Sorry, I wasn't making fun of Kos. Rather, I was goofing on the very attitude you describe and the misconception that we all take our marching orders from Kos. As for my "diminutive reputation," you flatter me. I have no reputation whatsoever and don't really care if I ever do.

This has been another edition of "Teach An Angry Commenter To Lighten The Fuck Up.”