Saturday, August 30, 2008

Archaelogy Is So Cool

Gold Wreath Discovered In Northern Greece:

A priceless gold wreath has been unearthed in an ancient city in northern Greece, buried with human bones in a large copper vase that workers initially took for a land mine.

The University of Thessaloniki said in a statement Friday that the "astonishing" discovery was made during excavations this week in the ruins of ancient Aigai. The city was the first capital of ancient Macedonia where King Philip II — father of Alexander the Great — was assassinated.

The find is highly unusual as the rich artifacts appear to have been removed from a grave during ancient times and, for reasons that remain unclear, reburied in the city's marketplace near a shrine of the goddess Eukleia.

I eat this stuff up. I'm an unabashed love of history and a wanna-be archaeologist. Greece has long been right up there with the UK and France (ancestral homes of the Foresters -- Natch) as one of my top travel destinations.