Saturday, August 23, 2008

There's Nothing To See Here Folks. Please Move Along.

Oil prices actually drop 5%+. The stated cause for the biggest one-day decrease in 4 years: "dealers turned their focus to rising supply levels and weakening global demand."

Who makes this shit up anyway? Might as well say gas is cheaper this month 'cuz everybody in China (and the rest of the fucking world) stayed at home to watch the Olympics.

Yeah. Right. There's absolutely no connection to newly lowered oil prices and the upcoming US Presidential election. None at all. In spite of OPEC's increasing shrieks about slashing production, the tagger per barrel will continue to dribble south only to shoot back up sometime after 11/04. Fuckers.

And that will be the new Dem. Prez's fault.

Here's my ASIAF exclusive preview of Big Oil's post-election response to renewed allegations that they play politics with oil prices:

"Look! Over there! Behind you! Is that Halley's Comet?"

Mark my words.