Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wherein Hillary Stakes Her Claim...

...To Be The Next Ted Kennedy.

Let's be crystal-fucking-clear about one thing, for their championing of social programs & social progress, FD-fucking-R & Ted Kennedy are hands down the two greatest Democrats (and thus party boosters) of the last hundred years. That's why the cons and neo-cons expend so much effort trying to cut them down.

Upon review we must recognize that if Sen. Kennedy had been elected prez on any of his multiple tries, he would never had nearly the astounding overall positive impact he had on our lives. Yet, as profoundly ill as he is and as he has done time and time again, last nite Kennedy smacked one outta the park with perhaps his most iconic speech. Obviously, sadly, Ted's time is drawing to a close.

But with her speech tonite, it seems Hill has more fully embraced her opportunity to grasp Teddy's baton and run with it. I can think of no other more noble role for New York's junior Senator.