Friday, September 19, 2008

An Open Letter To All You Chickens Little

I know only too well how we live in anxious times. Given the shenanigans of the last eight years, it's only natural to be mighty apprehensive about the upcoming elections. The stakes have never been higher.

But I swear that if I hear even one more Nervous-fucking- Nellie Democrat whining about how it "looks like we're gonna lose this election", I will completely fucking snap. No, I'm not saying we can ever afford to be over-confident and smug just because our candidates are extremely intelligent, thoughtful, rational, experienced and computer-savvy. We've been down that dark road twice before. That we're already getting reports of swing state voting problems is far from comforting.

I need you Your country needs you to stop your goddamn hand-wringing. Swallow your angst and stuff your negativity. Direct your energies towards a positive goal. Get up off your fat ass, get out and fucking do something. Be a part of it.

There are oh-so-many things you can do:

  1. Reach out to your local Democratic committee.* Even if your town has its own committee*, be sure contact your county Democratic committee too. They'll be grateful for what ever time you can spare. Rest assured there's work there waiting for you: phone banks to man, doors to knock, lawn signs to place, leaflets to leaf, voters to register, etc.
  2. Give what you can, where you can, when you can.
  3. Put a sign in your yard, a T-shirt on your back, a button on your breast & a sticker on your car. Your Obama-Biden gear is here. Snag your local candidates' stuff on-line or at their HQ
  4. Get informed. Peruse the "issues" section on your candidates' website. Know your candidates' stands cold. When you're sporting team colors, you never know who you'll run into.
  5. Engage. The GOP smear machine is at full throttle and our news media is absurdly lazy. Misperceptions and outright lies have taken root in our collective consciousness. Talk to people. Pull up those roots. Make the truth known.
The benefits of becoming involved in local politics are many. My personal fave is how you get to meet so many dynamic, like-minded people. For shy retiring types such as myself (surrounded in a NY state red zone no less), it's proven to be a fantastic way to make new friends. It's a cinch 'cuz these folks are pre-screened for ideological compatibility!

This a starting point. Now time's a wasting. Get to work!


*If your town doesn't have a Democratic committee, start one. But let's put this election to bed first.