Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stupid Bill Bennett Calls Palin Lies "Small Stuff"

On last nite's NBC Nightly News, Sarah Guthrie went all specific re: Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin's numerous lies about "the bridge to nowhere", her "trips" to Ireland & Iraq, Alaska's role supplying energy to the lower 48 and her non-existent foreign policy résumé.

This morning
The Today Show invited massive Republican tool, racist/gambling addict/abstinence peddler+/all-around-hypocrite Bill Bennett, to attempt to rebut Sarah Guthrie's report. Bennett's defense: "It's small stuff."

That's rich. Republican rich. Especially so coming from America's least fave and most visible bloviating Republican "moralist." It's not small stuff, Bill. No fucking way. No fucking how. Bill, it's really really really really really important. Got it? We're talking about a potential vice president fer chrissakes. I suppose in your warped little world murder isn't so bad as long as you stick to killing midgets. Preferably black midgets.

Like her running mate John McCain (and the GOP in general), Sarah Palin is lying her fucking ass off about her qualifications for our country's the second highest office. That is so not cool. Her pattern of behaviour is a deafening scream she is an unsuitable candidate. This alone is bad enough. But these are really fucking stupid lies easily exposed by anyone with an internet connection! This reveals the McCain/Palin campaign's equally unacceptable hubris and abject stupidity.

We don't need another lying, stupid, prideful Presidency. The United States is staggering at the verge of wrapping up a monumentally disastrous eight years of the lyingest, stupidest and most prideful administration in this damn nation's history. And we have had a few.

We shall not accept more of the same.


*Shorter version:
A politician who cannot lie well is no politician at all.

OK, so his wife, Elayne, technically runs this crazy little shop but hubby Bill's fingerprints are all over it.

(HT: Mrs. Forester)

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