Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Edwards Is O-U-T

The NY Times' version here. Just because this is understandable and expected doesn't make it any less disappointing. Edwards ran an honorable campaign on a platform more conducive to positive "change" than any other Democrat. Obama's and Hillary's selective cannibalization of certain Edwards planks speaks volumes.

I'd be a helluva lot more comfortable with either candidate if they showed a commitment to end the war now.

Let's be honest. Edwards never had much of a chance. In this MSM as kingmaker era, voters don't drive the selection process the media does. Less people are watching, less people are reading and less qualified are reporting with fewer available resources. Under these circumstances you either get hungry or lazy. You stick to facts or you choose a narrative that sells. It's a clear-cut path the press has chosen. And they've proved they will ride a sexy story to the end of the trail regardless of whether it's true or not.

Call me crazy (true dat may be tho' my meds are working exceptionally well today), but consider how the press skinned Al Gore alive when he ran for President. These pretend Puritans labeled (and libeled) the future Nobel Peace Prize winner a liar because he refused to rip his boss, Bill Clinton, over the Monica Lewinsky affair. The MSM found Gore boring too. So they created a fascinating personality for him: Liar. Our journos worked that meme like a starving cur going at a drumstick.

In direct contrast were the glowing reports on George W. Bush's folksy charm and powerful political family. A bedazzled press corps' deference quickly swelled to misplaced hero worship. (I cringe every time I accidentally see Chris Matthews still getting all a quiver with his man-sized man-crush on lil' Georgie). If you think this love fest did not contributed to any fourth estate footdragging in exposing the worst US President ever, you are straight up tripping your ass off. Despite the possibilities, catching the press with their pants down is not considered a sexy story -- at least not by the press.

I admire John Edwards for fighting the good fight. It's unfortunate that, according to the press, the sexy story was not the millionaire son of mill worker and failed VP candidate fighting poverty versus anyone else. (They gave more column inches and air time to his fucking hair than his positions on the issues !) Nope, it's charismatic, handsome and young African-American junior Senator versus controversial, former First Lady New York Senator. Case closed. Bye bye John. Thanks for playing. We have no parting gifts for you. Don't let the door hit your backside on the way out.

I hope this experience doesn't discourage John Edwards from continuing in public service. He has much to offer yet.