Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Imbroglio In Islamabad

Upon learning of Keith Ryan's "suicide" in Islamabad on Monday, I thought there maybe more here than meets the eye. Today's Boston Globe notes "Questions Raised in Death of US Official in Pakistan:"

United States officials tonight are attempting to transport the body of diplomat Keith Ryan from Islamabad to the U.S. for an autopsy, amid unconfirmed -- and contradictory -- news media reports in Pakistan that he died in a murder rather than a suicide.
The son of esteemed Boston Globe sports writer Bob Ryan, Keith Ryan was a diplomat working for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement under the Dept. of Homeland Security umbrella.

I'm sure it matters little to his kin how Ryan died. This is would be a devastating loss for any family. Ryan left a wife of 12 years and 8-year-old triplets. My heart goes out to them.