Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I confess that I completely ignored George Bush's final State of the Union Address. I rarely watch it but I almost always read it. This year I decided to give it a pass.

The problem is that under lil' George it's become such a half-baked panoply of half-truths, lies and wishful thinking that I can't even make a decent drinking game out of it. If I depended on Bush to tell the truth or make sense to do a shot, I'd die thirsty. Conversely, if I did a shot every time Bush re-wrote history or told a whopper, I'd drink myself blind by 9:30PM EST.

Since I seem incapable of dealing with a George W. Bush SOTU sober and since a George W. Bush SOTU kills my buzz, this year I left Georgie out of the process. I'm glad I did.