Saturday, May 24, 2008

I Demand An Apology From GOP "Ladies"

Every last one of them...For their very existence. Given the GOP's hideous record against families, children, education, women, our environment and everything else just, right, good and fun, I can't think of anybody more self-loathing than Republican chicks. OK, maybe I can. Log Cabin Republicans. But, as Peter Griffin would say, I digest...

Minnesotan GOP "ladies" want Al Franken to apologize for a Playboy CEO Christine Hefner-hosted fund raiser plus his "Porn-O-Rama"satire he wrote for that mag back in 2000. They're hoping against hope that these two tiny "issues" of minimal importance resonate with Minnesotans.

These "ladies" probably think Franken's hi-larious as Stewart Smalley. (I disagree). But don't let him make funny about sex. After all, sex is wicked icky. It's shameful. It's only for makin' other lil' Republicans. Sex is what their husbands do with other men.

As Raw Story reports:

The Republican Party of Minnesota web site, notes that "Rep. Laura Brod, Dr. Laura Dean, Sen. Michelle Fischbach, Mary Igo, Annette Meeks and Laura Merickel called Franken’s column an 'extreme example of the kind of disrespect for the role of women in society that all of us have fought our entire lives' and called on Franken to 'denounce this article and apologize immediately.'"
This "issue" ranks up there with idiot Arlen Specter's ill-advised attempt at investigating my beloved over-investigated New England Patriots. Meanwhile two wars rage on, health care blows, a record number of homes are being foreclosed, people are out of work, gas prices are sky-high, food has become ridiculously expensive, the economy's tanked and Republicans have looted our treasury.

Al Franken has absolutely nothing to apologize for. But every single Republican owes America an apology for the past eight disastrous years.



Liesl said...

Not long after Stewart Saves His Family came out on dvd I rented it. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was not a comedy. I'm still surprised at how touching and on the money it was.

Anacher Forester said...

Never saw it myself but that doesn't surprise me. This does confirm my belief that Stuart Smalley isn't funny tho'. Ha!