Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"I Didn't Get Nominated. Waaaaaah!"

Christine Smith quits the Libertarian Party. That was quick. After her surreal literally fangs-bared condescending performance at last Sunday's Libertarian Party Convention, the newbie and wannabe became a has been. Smith couldn't overcome the perception that she was a band wagon jumper. By jumping off the Libertarian wagon, she proved their point. She also came off as a very sore loser.

Claiming her exit was in protest of fellow newbie-band-wagon-jumper-ex-Republican Bob Barr's nomination, Smith ripped her now former party in a rambling resignation letter of sorts, The LP as "The Party of Principle" is DEAD. Here's an excerpt:

I think the party is a waste of time and resources...

No true libertarian would support (or defend) the selection of Bob Barr. (For those who choose to remain in the LP to try and repair it, it will take many years to even return to the place the party was a few days ago.) The hope and enormous potential the LP, as "The Party of Principle," had in 2008 was enormous - now that has been destroyed.

It was my devotion to libertarian philosophy that led me to join the LP, and it is the reason I must leave.
I'm going home and I'm taking my ball with me. Waaah!

Rather than than expend the necessary effort to put her adopted party of some three years back on course thus earning much needed credibility, Smith threw the baby out with the bath water. This story dovetails nicely with an upcoming post.

Stay tuned...