Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Barack & Hillary's Excellent Adventure: The Quest Begins

Via C&L, Cernig previews the clean the slate at State game plan. Bonus points awarded for 2008's Best Use of Greek Mythology In a Political Analogy:

Following up on reports of Obama's intended Herculean cleaning of the Agean Stables at the Department of Defense, where the entire body of Bush-appointed deputies and under-whatevers are expected to be fired, the Washington Post now reports that the incoming Obama administration has told every single Bush political appointee as an ambassador that their services will no longer be required come January 20th.
That's a whole lot of new bodies. So much rides on how quickly these replacements can get up to speed and start undoing the damage Bush administration has caused.



Anonymous said...

Oops! Hardly the best use of Greek mythology in anything because it was not AGEAN stables-- Hercules wasn't cleaning up after sea horses-- but AUGEAN stables, which belonged to perfidious Augeas.

Anacher Forester said...

You are correct, sir. Nice catch. Even in my perpetual state of fatigue something about that looked funny to me. Having read it as Augean, his metaphor worked for me.

Anyone familiar enough with the myth to use it as a figure of speech should know that ole Herc didn not use the Aegean flush out all the bull shit. Which begs the question: Did Cernig mean Augean or Aegean?

Either way it's a typo.