Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fun With Seizures

Stupid Brain!

I'm resuming my sometimes pithy, occasionally witty, frequently profane tirades & random ramblings for your dancing and dining pleasure. I first went up to Boston to give my mom a hand ten days ago. Something weird happened up there. Really weird.

You needn't have watched House, ER, Grey's Anatomy et al to know seizures are freaky. Well, they're really freaky for the seizee. Had a series of at least four seizures eleven days ago - that was, how shall I say, waytoofuckinginteresting for my tastes. This in spite of the 3 powerful seizure meds I'm more grateful than ever to be currently taking. Probably why I was conscious for most of my "experience." Thankfully, I was lying down at the time.

I've had innumerable seizures. Innumerable because when you have a seizure, it typically affects your memory. I wasn't even evaluated for seizures for the longest time because no one, including myself, had any idea that I was having them.

Except for the mildest imaginable seizure back in June (My crack neurologist told me that it an anomaly & not to worry about it), I've never been conscious during a seizure. I was barely conscious then. It woke me ever so briefly and I fell back asleep.

Didn't really suss out what had happened until later that day. The slightly bitten tip of my tongue clinched it. That and the feeling that I had been hit with a brick without the pain of actually being hit with a brick. That's what a mild seizure is all about.

I'm going in NYC's Beth Israel next month for a 24-hour neuro-monitoring.

The experiment continues.

*This is not my brain. This head is not nearly big enough and there's no way my eyes would ever look that weird. Ever. Unfortunately, my neurologist currently has my brain scans. Next time, eh?


Liesl said...

Jeez Louise, I am behind on news from my friends. Are they doing an MRI? It worries me that these things could be TIAs rather than seizures. Just remember one thing: I was having strokes and heart attacks for years, all the while going to various doctors to find out what was wrong. I even had a CT scan that showed (ostensibly) nothing. Not that you're me or I'm even typical, but don't give up until you get some solid facts. I know you won't, so I'm just practicing written diarrhea here.

Don't mind me! I'm off to the craft store to get supplies for a Barack Obama plant I'm making for a friend. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

Anacher Forester said...

I'm in uncharted territory. My drug cocktail is totally unique. Every tweak, every new medicine added or old medicine discontinued carries its own risks. Recently I've been juggling a switch from Neurontin to Lyrica that hasn't gone smoothly at all.

I have the utmost faith in my neurologist. I'll (literally) see what's up in two weeks.

Liesl said...

I'll be anxious to hear how things are progressing.