Saturday, April 12, 2008

It Always Comes Back To The Oil

Deadeye Dick Cheney sez if we don't get all that Tikrit tea, al Qaeda will. If we hadn't barged in and blown up the goddamn country, they'd never had the chance. Think Progress has the score.



Temple Stark said...

You might want to change the name of the blog here, pardner. The entire front page, Andrew Sullivan is mentioned once - in the title of the blog.

Either focus, or even better refocus and write about music. Enough idjiots (including me) write about politics.


Anacher Forester said...

Ouch! You cut me to the quick. Do you honestly believe since you and others discuss politics, I'm only to write about music? Why that makes you almost as elitist as Obama. Ha!

Seriously though, while all criticism is good criticism, I fear you miss the point. As explained directly beneath its title, my humble blog is "inspired by, but not exclusive to, the need to expose Andrew Sullivan for the complete fraud that he is." If I wrote solely about Andrew Sullivan, I'd go mad. Besides, ASIAF’s title alone drives my message home and is damn catchy too. Barring litigation I shan’t change it any time soon.

Like many disabled folks I have a lot of free time. ASIAF is a writing exercise for me. I also offer it as a kind of service to those who share my interests yet lack the time to pore over blogs, newspapers and the like. Disheartened as I am by your disapproval, no one’s forcing you to read Andrew Sullivan Is A Fraud.


PS Sully was both on "sabbatical" and has not said anything too stupid lately thus leaving me little material with which to work. I have long planned to dig up some of our "zero's" greatest misses next week.

Susan said...

Yay! Here's Temple Stark, gracing this blog with his superinternethero mojo, fighting to right the injustices he perceives in blog titles everywhere!

Anacher Forester said...

Mr. Stark,

You are quite silly. Your advice that I focus solely on music is tantamount to my suggesting you to concentrate your vast intellectual powers to the politics of your home state rather than all 50.

Is not blogging and the internet as a whole based on an egalitarian philosophy?


Liesl said...

Philosophy? did someone mention philosophy? Hey, that's my thing! How daaaaaaaaare you!

Anacher Forester said...

Liesl baby, what's up? I miss "Stroke Girl" terribly. It was the best blog title ever.