Thursday, April 3, 2008

Goodling's Part In The Great Republican Perpetual Power Ploy

Harper's Scott Horton reveals on how this latest Goodling bombshell may well indicative of a much larger GOP scheme. I call it The Great Republican Perpetual Power Ploy:

As I noted in “Vote Machine,” one simmering scandal inside of the Justice Department relates to the consistent carefully schemed effort to force career DOJ employees out to make way for political hacks recruited and placed in career positions. A number of different techniques were employed to realize this plan. In an interview I conducted recently with a retired first assistant U.S. attorney, I heard how one U.S. attorney with notorious political ambitions had used a buyout scheme to take out a large number of senior career attorneys. No sooner were they gone than their places were filled with a group of new attorneys–each of whom was well known for involvement in Republican Party politics. On January 20, 2009, the political appointees at Justice will be submitting their resignations so the new president can select and install his own team. However, the career track placements from the Bush era are there for keeps. Will they serve as a fifth column to obstruct the agenda of a new Democratic administration? That may well be the idea.
(emphasis added)
Mr. Horton's touched on something I've been thinking of the for at least a year now. This fifth column is an unbelievably important factor in our future. I have stopped and started an epic series of posts any number of times because it became too unwieldy. Looks like it's time to resurrect them.