Thursday, April 10, 2008

The VA Won't Register Wounded Vet Voters

More Republican politicization of the Federal Government... The GOP can't take the chance that the majority of the tens of thousands of our wounded would vote against John "100 years" McCain. Their excuse is a whopper.

has the story:

VA remains opposed to becoming a voter registration agency pursuant to the National Voter Registration Act, as this designation would divert substantial resources from our primary mission.
Just what is the VA's primary mission?
Our goal is to provide excellence in patient care, veterans' benefits and customer satisfaction. We have reformed our department internally and are striving for high quality, prompt and seamless service to veterans. Our department's employees continue to offer their dedication and commitment to help veterans get the services they have earned. Our nation's veterans deserve no less.
Apparently ensuring our wounded vets' right to vote is not amongst those "services they've earned." More Bush Administration lies and misdirection via Raw Story:
(Secretary of Veterans Affairs James ) Peake defends the decision by saying that a court recently ruled the VA's limits on "partisan political activities" "does not on its face violate [veterans'] First Amendment' rights," Rosenfeld notes, without articulating how registering veterans is a partisan activity.
"Partisan political activities"? That's rich. The level of contempt these Republican "Support Our Troops"- car-magnet-sporting-lapel-flag-pin-wearing-assholes have for our military continues to astonish.



Liesl said...

Veterans, like soldiers, like citizens are expendable.

Lest anyone ever forgets:

Dick Cheney.

But, you know... they're the party that supports the military! Yeah, supports them as they kick them on the backside into a life of disability and disillusionment.