Monday, April 14, 2008

This May Be The Most Important Thing You Can Do Today

My mother's family literally started coming over a few boats after The Mayflower. More of my ancestors were expelled after fighting on the losing side of the English Civil War. I have almost two dozen ancestors who fought in the American Revolution including one who fought on both sides. Does this make me any better than you? Fuck no! But coupled with my keen love of history, it seems to have cursed me with an over-developed sense of what America stands for.

Torture is one of the most un-American things America could ever do. Thanks to George, Dick, Condi, George, Three Johns, David, Bill and the rest of their torture club, we've tortured plenty. Despite their protestations to the contrary we cannot believe that they are not doing it still.

C&L's John Amato and the ACLU have teamed up to help those of us appalled and disgusted by George Bush's torture policy. Tell Congress loud and clear that we demand an independent prosecutor to investigate these admitted and probable other violations of The War Crimes Act and The Federal Torture Act.