Tuesday, April 1, 2008

KO's 1st Anniversary Show

I watched Keith Olbermann's 5th Anniversary show on MSNBC a few hours ago. One of the centerpieces of the show was a rebroadcast of Olbermann's August 30, 2006 first "Special Comment" ripping Donald L. Rumsfeld. For many of us this was a true "defining moment." I vividly remember watching it at that time.

As a former broadcast professional, I found it really weird that this "Special Comment" video was pristine but the audio sounded super shitty -- like it was recorded down the hall. What was up with that? It sounded like MSNBC had to get the audio from a secondary source. Did they not think Olbermann was going to last and ditch the masters or is there some more mundane reason for the poor sound quality?

Dunno. I found it very strange.



Liesl said...

Keithy is my TV boyfriend. He sends me signals about waaanting me. Oh yes! he does. Don't tell Mr. Fancy Pants!

Anacher Forester said...

Gee, is he blinking Morse code to you too? Mrs. Forester sez the same thing.


Liesl said...

Mrs. Forester knows that I will fight dirty when it comes to Keithy. That bitch better back that shit up!