Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bring Back The Draft?

General Cody made some very broad hints to Congress. Will George and Dick listen to the generals now? Fuck no. This won’t make them start.

A broken Armed Forces has become part of their scorched-earth policy. It's feeds what I call The Great Republican Perpetual Power Ploy. The GOP has all but ceded the race to the Democrats. They just want to limit their losses. George, Dick and the Republicans want to leave their entire mess for the next President to try to clean up. That will include a draft.

Obstructed at every turn, our next President (D) will have a difficult time of it. He’ll be forced to make difficult and unpopluar decisions. All of the standard GOP bullshit about how Democrats are weak on security, foreign policy, the economy, etc., will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. The MSM will buy into it and spread it. Presto Change-O. We have a one term Democratic Presidency followed by a new "Republican Revolution."


PS How long before General Cody is put out to pasture?